Virtual Santa BMX Bicycle Gift Delivery Rider

Be a virtual santa bicycle rider on this special event of Christmas. Join the Xmas special party and delivery chocolate, candies and other gifts to the kids on your BMX bicycle. Virtual Santa Claus wants to merry Christmas to the kids and will deliver gifts on every door of the house in big city with virtual Santa bmx bicycle gift delivery game. The game play of this Santa Claus Christmas gift Simulator is very amazing and winter game play of Xmas. Our character will be Santa bicycle rider and we will have to deliver the gift via bmx bicycle and having limited timing to deliver the gifts to the kids. You have beautiful 3d city to deliver presents to the families and kids in Virtual Santa BMX Bicycle Gift Delivery Rider. Play a part in spreading the wondrous joy. Ride bicycle to increase Santa’s efficiency and speed to transport those gifts for the children!

Game-play of santa bmx bicycle rider is smooth and have fun It’s actually the season of winter Christmas 2018 and each citizen of the whole futuristic city needs the Christmas gifts for kids and crazy santa is only one guy who can perform such type of interesting task same as other Santa Christmas games and best santa claus gift delivery games. So have fun on this Xmas special and New Year season with santa games which is made for bmx bicycle delivery fans. So be a fastest Christmas gift delivery rider. Virtual Santa hero or virtual santa ultimate family man will deliver gift to kids and families in short given time. In Santa gift bicycle riders our virtual santa Claus is coming to spread some happiness and joy among the people and brings gifts for them. Your major duty is to deliver gifts to kids and spread joys to everywhere in around the fantasy city.

Features of Virtual Santa BMX Bicycle Gift Delivery Rider:

• Become a santa bicycle rider, deliver gifts to the kids around the town.
• Futuristic HD, 3D graphics in Santa Claus gift delivery games.
• Realistic sound effects of Virtual Santa Claus as santa bicycle rider on Xmas & New Year occasion.
• Cold winter theme with snow & different camera angles in charistmas gift delivery game.
• Perfect virtual kids game of Christmas holidays as Santa Claus bicycle rider.

Your missions are to ride this BMX bicycle as the Santa Claus and deliver these precious gifts to deserving virtual kids & their family. So get ready to perform like virtual santa. Download now Virtual Santa BMX Bicycle Gift Delivery Rider! And become a Santa bicycle rider in this special winter of Xmas holidays.


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Dec 13, 2017

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