US Women Army Training School Game: Special Force

Enjoy this newest idea about army training games 2018! Join US women army training boot camp for combat training for girls. Become a most energetic US army girl training special force cadet. Army training games for girls were never been so amazing. It is informally known as Boot Camp and is the program to clear assault course army basic physical and mental training. Step into shoes of a commando one women army see how tough is to step up from basic to very tough. Basic course is designed to be highly engaging by following strict sergeant's commands and is thrill which many can’t tackle easily. This assault course for woman is tougher than your will power in army training games. So get ready US army girl and join the special force training academy with our US Women Army Training School Game: Special Force! This army survival training course is basic US girls army training school simulator in the category of all best games of us army in in school training. 

Join the obstacle course race and escape the US army high school training life dare to complete the most daring and dangerous obstacle course on US army camp. So get ready to join the US soldier training school and be a national proud soldier in army game for combat. Women army training game or girls army training game 2018 is ready to play. Take care of your uniform get dirty in thick mud. Play as new recruits or female cadet in platoon and follow the chain of command to accomplish this assault course mission and be a frontline army girl commando with this army survival training. Jump over huge wall, swim in arctic frozen weather and climbing net in desert heat which is challenging for trainee cadet.

Army training games 3d with the blend of US female training school academy is a real treat for girls who wants to join army in future. You have to run fast in the obstacle course race to become a part of special force. so get ready to be a frontline girl commando. All we know best army is USA, India and off course Russia and their forces training is also very hard so we made this army training simulator on the pattern of these top armies.

US Girls Army Training School Game Features:

- Realistic female army training school game of 2018.
- Best military school obstacle course simulation.
- Intuitive controls & smooth gameplay with HD graphics.
- Play as a trainee cadet & show your soldier skills.
- Army survival training in realistic military academy environment.

Are your ready to become a first-ever girl soldier of the nation? Then dare to complete missions, train to escape enemy attacks, enemies gun shots, fastest swimming course, running and breaking through hurdles and obstacle course.


US Women Army Training School Game Special 41 MB
Dec 12, 2017

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