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Do you like turtle hero games or want to play turtle revenge against the captain shield USA superhero? If yes then play this super action packed turtle hero ninja fighting game with fantastic superhero simulator. Join the modern leaders of avengers to fight against other superheroes. Fight with your powerful ninja superhero with superb punching combos to defeat agile fighter enemies, an addictive addition in captain hero vs turtle superhero revenge. Captain of the American turned against ninja avenger of crime industry. Superheroes are turning against each other and this time turtle warrior hero has decided to take a final revenge from captain hero USA in this heroic battle. Turtle the skills of ninja master has joined the gangsters, and mafia of the crime city and destroying peace. Both the superheroes are good and trying to protect the city from bad peoples somehow they have turned into the enemy of each other in this interesting story of Turtle Hero vs Captain USA Superhero Revenge. Amazing fight & revenge story of turtle iron hero vs super captain hero.

You need to join Captain USA and fight against flying spider and turtle hero. But if you think turtle war superhero is right then joins the turtle hero with the other character which is flying spider superhero and fight against captain of USA. In this best superhero game with the twist of turtle iron hero you can select the superhero of your own choice and kill other one. Your super captain hero is right there to protect is homeland from the evils and so the turtle warrior ninja fighter is. Your dark ninja is also true guardian of vice city from evil powers and mafia gangs. So you will enjoy the turtle fight in this flying turtle superhero vs captain hero with the twist of turtle hero crime simulator.

Features of Captain hero revenge vs Turtle Warrior:

- Amazing fight action as flying turtle hero & super captain USA.
- Both the heroes can walk, run, attack & fight at the same time.
- Stunning game-play with variety of adversaries in every mission.
- Realistic mutant super hero fight with other mutant fighting hero.
- Awesome turtle war superhero & perfect killing of enemies including super spider hero.
- Multiple combat missions with superhero crime battle action.

Captain USA Hero vs Super Turtle iron hero is specially designed for all superheroes fans and fighting games lovers. The city is also under attack by the evils and gangsters in this turtle hero crime simulator. Don't forget that both of you are savior of the people living in the crime city. Play this Turtle Hero vs Captain USA Superhero Revenge! And start the captain hero crime battle with the turtle war superhero.


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