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Another super hero in town but this time the cruel mummy will be the super raider of the town! super mummy will take up the rescue missions and join the crime battle against the evil aliens with strange powers and town mafia dons. Terrorist organization are using help of evil monsters to create mutant supervillain for underworld mafia. Being elite spy your secret mission is to disguise yourself in mummy hero aka super mummy hero in the crime city battle. superhero mummy vs super villains is all about strange war in the town. Ancient evil has risen from the prehistoric places of the Egypt, mummies that had slept in slumber for thousands of years have risen! now they will head to head fight against the gangster mafia in this super mummy hero rescue missions. So get ready to take a part of this brutal mummy war game with our Super Mummy Raider Crime Battle.

It's time to survive the citizen assault and show your supremacy before mortals with mummy hero city survival game. The whole situation is terribly wrong as both mummies are the true protector of city from evil robots, aliens and . In this best superhero game you will play as the super mummy hero and start the battle for real justice and start the survival and rescue mission with this mummy crime. Control your flying mummy superhero and start the raider battle.

So in mummy games, show you super mummy power skill to the survival city and make final fight against the gangster and evil robots of the crime city and make it peaceful again. But do not show of yourself upon the people of the city because people are afraid on unusual super powers and skeleton shape terribly horror raider and become the strange mummy hero vs super villains. But people of crime city always remember you and a strange hero or flying spider hero in this super action games. So be ready to join this super mummy hero crime battle game and start survival and rescue missions around the town.

Features of Mummy Games:

• Amazing story mode with fight action as flying mummy hero vs gangsters.
• Final fight against evils, mafia gangster & robots.
• Epic battle against the fighters of the hidden tomb.
• Fly around the city for survival & rescue of the innocent citizens.
• Realistic crime battle environment, HD graphics & smooth controls.

The darkness of mafia has taken over the city into future war and final battle! and super mutant mummy hero is their last hope. Stop this destruction and download Super Mummy Raider Crime Battle! which is an ultimate joy for the lovers of mummy games.


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