Super Light Hero NYC Justice Crime Combat

Another superhero action games blend is here with detailed mission of justice squad NYC crime battle. Your light superhero aka flying torch hero is here to help in this crime combat battle against the criminals and the supernatural evils of New York city. This super light hero crime city combat game is based on super heroes league. This flash hero has amazing futuristic power and he is ready for ultimate combat in the hero city against villain. You are master of power. So this crime war is between your light superhero vs super villains of the crime city. Amazing modern crime city combat game and take revenge from all bad people as flying torch superhero or the take up your blazing light and be a flash superhero. So crime city combat against gangsters, bad guys, gang of thugs and monster evils. Because they dare to attack on your peaceful NY city and want to control the whole of grand city in this Super Light Hero NYC Justice Crime Combat.

The evil mafia lords spread around the town are trying to destroy the peace. But as a flying light hero city survival you need to rescue the civilians of crime city. This ultimate 3D justice hero squad of NYC will let you allow to start the crime war against the powerful mafia in this flying light superhero vs super villains. This simulator will allow your light superhero to catch the criminals of the modern crime city. Rescue people with your super light and help from its fast flash skills and take them hospital on your metallic arms and give ambulance rescue services. So get ready to take a part in this modern crime city combat with the best and bravest captain of super light hero then download this advance super light hero NYC crime combat game of 2018. Play this action packed city crime battle simulation and kill criminals of the town and win the battle against the evil supervillains.

Features of Light Superhero Crime City Battle:

• Be a modern superhero and use your hidden powers & combat attacks.
• Stealth mode and light master battle style in grand city.
• Intuitive controls & modern weapons against super villains.
• Immersive 3D graphics! fun and easy controls as light superhero city survival.
• Fight with multiple villains, mafia & gang of bad thugs.

Heroic battle between super hero and mafia boss take a new twist as you acquires special powers with your attacking flash. Download now Super Light Hero NYC Justice Crime Combat! Start slashing enemies with your special justice squad battle powers & take revenge from rivals in this ultimate survival game.


Super Light Hero NYC Justice Crime 39 MB
Nov 22, 2017

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