Spider Boy Superhero: San Andreas Crime City

A real thriller about super spider boy hero who is coming home and faced final city battle in san andreas crime city. Town had been attacked by criminal forces and you need to use your fantastic power and marvelous strategy to protect the people and the home town. The thug gangsters gang and law offenders appeared in the city and now they threaten entire nation with the help of other evil forces. You need to act as a superhero spider boy for the people. Use fighting skills to eliminate all evils, aliens and gangsters of the San Andreas crime city. Play as strange spider hero boy with your superpower take down grand thugs gang in mad city rampage. Use your all combat fighting powers as flying spider boy superhero in this secret mission of coming back home in Spider Boy Superhero: San Andreas Crime City the real spider boy avenger revenge story in the crime city.

Flying spider kid Superhero in city rescue lets you play as boy rope superhero having well developed strange hero and deadly street fighting abilities which needs to engage in highly powerful hero city battle and rescue the people of survival city from dangerous gang city mafia. Ultimate spider city action based game with lots of challenges and beating up super villain to battle in super spider game.

In this game you are superhero who is secretly working for the forces to protect the city. Break the master plans of gangster and their escape the prison jail missions. As a real spider boy avenger or strange boy hero chosen from superheroes have decided to join hero city battle mission in Spider Boy Superhero San Andreas Crime City.

Features of Spider Boy Avenger Hero:

• High quality colorful 3D HD graphics for vibrant battling.
• Defend your home town & rescue people in gangsters war.
• Use your incredible powerful abilities such as usage of rope & flying from wall to wall.
• Rescue new neighbor filled with innocent people.
• Realistic surprise attack & killing aliens, evils & gangsta forces.

Fantastic superhero battle has just begun and prove that you are survival as a new neighbor of the city. Download now Spider Boy Superhero: San Andreas Crime City and join the spider city battle with the usage of rope and flying hero powers and become the crime city hero.


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Oct 21, 2017

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