She Monster Hunk City Battle

After the massive battling success of monster hero battle in the city series here we come for the first time play with the female character! YES with your very own She Monster Hunk incredible superhero battle and monster woman. You might have played many monster heroine games but this she monster city battle simulator has its own set of challenges and missions. Enter the world of she monster hunk owned by monster superhero where you can be a she monster fighting a superhero city battle in a grand town of Vegas to write your own incredible she hunk or some where she bulk avenger story. She monster superhero is your super fighter so become a she hunk warrior or she monster warrior and join us in action packed series of She Monster Hunk City Battle! First monster woman warrior story.

Be a super monster woman in form of Green Monster woman hero and get ready for fight against criminal and mafia in the crime city. In survival city you have to start city battle from against the bad thugs group. Also Big monster woman fights with city villains and criminals and save people this is future fight against super villain of the city. You have the incredible monster heroine power to defeat the super villains and stop the mass destruction. Crush and smash everything which might be harmful for citizen, destroy the super villains and save the citizens of the survival city. But in monster battle in the monster heroine city battle and monster woman city battle there is lot of destruction with this she monster battle game. Incredible monster woman city survival and rescue mission is story of attack and war. You have to counter the enemy attack as monster heroine and recuse the people in the survival city because you are last hope as monster woman.

Features of She Monster Hunk Survival City:

- Amazing supervillain vs super monster woman city battle missions.
- Incredible battle against the mafia, thugs & drug dealers for survival.
- Run, Jump, fight & use your hidden super powers of attack.
- Action packed battle & destruction missions with monster woman superhero.
- High Quality 3D Graphics and Sound Effects in this she monster battle simulator.

So are you ready to play as a super monster woman? This game is all about fighting, strange powers & challenging war missions in war of mutant super strange monster woman heroine against the villain terrorists to save the city. Download She Monster Hunk City Battle and become a super-heroine or green monster woman in the survival city.


SheHulk.apk 30 MB
Oct 21, 2017

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