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Incredible monster hero with new challenge against the past superheroes! now they are came in the shape of supervillains. YES the final revenge of incredible monster vs superheroes like flying spider, strange bat hero and other super flying hero. The revenge story is based upon one alone monster hero in the super legend battle against the dark legend aka bat hero know as flying superhero and super spider. Superheroes are now against each other and this time the incredible monster hero has decided to take a final revenge from super flying spider and bat hero of the Vegas crime city in this heroic battle. Included Super flying hero has joined the mafia and gangster group they are destroying the peace of city. As we know they have strange super powers for creating chaos and rampage in the city with Monster Hero vs Superheroes.

Gameplay of Strange Monster War against Superheroes:

Being a monster hero in this final revenge legend battle get ready to play this legend war between incredible strange mutant monster city hero and flying spider and bat superheroes in this open world action monster revenge escape adventure simulation game. Its time to be a true monster super hero of the city full of criminals, mafia in the shape of past legend and future avenger the bat hero and spider war hero. This is a clash of these monsters and you you have no heroes for support in order to defeat super villains and gangsters. Destroy every thing which come in your sight and strange super villains which are deadly criminals. They are trying to control over the city where drug dealer mafia is getting ready for future fight in shape of action heroes.

Features in Monster and Spider Hero Revenge with Bat Villain:

• The monster hero can walk, run and fight with super destroying powers
• Three supervillains the flying villain, strange spider and the bat war hero to fight with. 
• Super legend battle against the mafia and drug dealers.
• Surprise attack and perfect killing of enemies.
• Amazing super fight against the flying superheroes in strange war.

Incredible superhero monster survival is an adrenaline rush action based game with different variety of modern crime city missions. Flying bat legend and spider superheroes in this final revenge and legend battle are ready to fight against the monster legend. This is going to be the big fight and strange future battle situation and you are fighting for survival as big hero. Play now Monster Hero vs Superheroes the epic bat and spider revenge story against the bulk monster.


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