Horse Gangster vs City Police

Top gangster game of 2018 has arrived! become a famous ride your horse commit crime as superhero rider. Police is after you and wants to chase you on their fastest police car in city police chase games 2018. Horse chase superhero is all about shooting on rival gangs and fight with city police. Horse Gangster vs City Police is multi hero game in which you will be wear a uniform of bat with most amusing crime simulation gangster game for 2018. Escape the police cars and steal the criminal cars from underworld criminal empire to win gang wars in gangster games 2018. Rule the vegas the gangster city and spread crime, havoc and chaos taking down other gangs in Multi gangster vs City Police.

Play this newest horse gangster vs city police simulator game and spread your name in the vice town. Gangster vs police game will surely be huge block buster in the category of police horse chase games and police chase games 2018. Gangster will theft the real auto and you will explore the world of ruling gangsters and evil mafia where you are the law in this war against rival mafia gangs. In this empire of the underworld mafia only the most powerful fighter gangster will rule as city of crime vegas. Ride your crime horse as a multi crime hero of the city and become a dangerous thug and do whatever you want in the gangster game about gangsters of the city of vegas. Police will chase your horse on police car and they have fastest ever sports police cars to drive and chase.

The epic battle of angry horse gangster vs thugs has begun! It's finally your chance to become a gangster and fighter & attack quickly to finish them up. But beware from city cops patrolling around the town. Horse gangster vs city police has a unique gameplay because you never played a game of horse fighter vs city cop. Horse rider gangster will steal cars, snatch things, bullets and money from people and will create ultimate rampage around the crime streets of vegas to become an angry gangster fighter. fighting gangsta is all about gangster crime, and theft and snatching and horse riding through the Vegas streets and shooting gangsters to rise up to the top. Enjoy the criminal awesome journey and drive or ride your gangster horse fast for gangster escape survival with best shooting action simulator. His dangerous attack, shooting from horse, realistic spy assassin and escape skills used to spread terror among agent and police cops. But an extreme high-security operation against crime in the city has made the survival for him.

Features in Horse Gangster vs City Police:

• Commit crime on fastest horse & fight against other gangs & thugs.
• Loads of quests fight with town police to become a mafia lord of the gang war.
• 3D city escape environments & HD gameplay.
• Real life story of a gangster rise up the level to the mafia gangster lord.
• Police chase & superb shooting controls to fight against gangs & Vegas city thugs.
• Smooth & easy controls with thrill action music.


Horse Gangster vs City 39 MB
Jan 21, 2018

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