Ghost Fire Skull Superhero - Blaze Battle

After the failure of city police the crime town needs a new neighbor hero and this time Ghost fire skull superhero is here for the the amazing blaze battle. The incredible ghost skull hero has fire power to beat the enemy in few seconds and make them dead. Be a ghost hero in the ghost games. There are multiple supervillains in the city and the ghost hero fights with them the battle of revenge. In Ghost fire skull blaze battle your ghost hero bike rider will appear from the fire of hell to take action against the criminal and mafia in crime city. Demolish enemy comic superheroes. Get ready for the mortal combo and stay on the battlefield with your ghost fire skull war hero. Were you always dreaming of superhero spirit and start Fight against the forces of hell and complete your salvation! Play for this mortal ghost fire skull war hero with our Ghost Fire Skull Superhero - Blaze Battle.

Ghost Fire Hero is a thrilling game and you need to be a ghost hero, fight with super villains like incredible monster hero and bat fantastic hero with strange spider. By playing Ghost skull Hero VS Superheroes Monster and become super star of this war. Use your fighting skills and strange attack powers with the help of your ghost bike hero blaze fire and start the skull rider battle against the criminals and mafia of the crime city. This action game packed you play as city hero and kill all the evil enemies like fantastic hero with ghost fire skull.

Enjoy the endless combos, deadly fighting, punch, kick and special fire attack combat in this superhero fighting game.Prove yourself the savior of the grand city by bringing simplicity and comfort to the ordinary people with our Ghost Fire Skull Superhero Blaze Battle. This is a combination of ghost hero vs superheroes fire blaze battle and ghost fire skull war for bring back the peace of the crime city as captain hero.

Features of Ghost Fire Hero:

• Dangerous super villains are incredible monster hero, fantastic hero & criminals.
• Car theft, bike riding, superhero fighting & many more to explore.
• Multiple combat missions with superhero battle.
• Use your supernatural fire attack power as ghost hero.
• Awesome 3D graphics and HD vibrant gameplay.

Become a captain hero for the city and lead the town with your powerful blazing shield attack and fire power attacks. Thugs, mafia and fantastic villain tries to kill your superhero with the help of evil powers as ghost bike hero fire skull rider battle. Download Ghost Fire Skull Superhero - Blaze Battle and fight like a captain superhero in this ghost skull hero crime simulator.


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Oct 21, 2017

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