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Get ready for the multiple street fighting, rescue and city battle mission with super hero survival free games. Flying iron super hero is here for the epic adventure just like superhero. In this gangster city battle simulator & revenge game you will have to plan out a successful for taking revenge against vicious panther hero along with destructive criminal mafia and gangsters of the survival city. Super hero vs gangsters city battle you have to be a powerful action hero with this flying iron super hero survival free games. In Flying Super hero Gangster City Battle you will fight fast with amazing super powers of military superhero or beast battle survival simulator.

Be a Super Iron hero start your fighting and show your kick boxing, super punch skills in multiple street fighting missions against the criminals. People in the city are want to escape, they don’t know how to fight and deal with bad mafia whose leader is panther superhero. They want escape against city gangsters and criminals and also need support to escape from the dangerous city streets. They need you because you have flying super hero survival powers. So be a ultimate superhero fighter and become a street champions of the people.

In this Iron hero crime battle, flying superhero boxing fight will give you passion for how to take down enemies. Your super powers are just good for wrestling or iron hero street fighting. You are the strongest boxer of grand city and your aim fight for freedom. Super hero vs gangster city war is very easy for a normal person to play as in other high flying superhero games. Defeat the evil enemies and win spectacular boss battles in Flying Iron Super hero Gangster City Battle.

Features of Iron Hero Crime Battle:

• HD graphics with realistic 3D fantasy city environment with Iron Super Hero Vs Criminals.
• Use tactics & fight like ninja in this epic battle with city survival missions.
• Fight with super strange powers like ultimate superhero fighter.
• Realistic gangster city battle simulator against street champions & bad guys.
• Start fight with beast battle survival simulator! defeat & kill enemies.

Enjoy this super hero vs gangster battle or future fight which is in strange world environment hero battle game that allows you to roam free in the streets. Strange flying super powers to rescue and escape the civilians in this beast battle survival game. Download now Flying Iron Super hero Gangster City Battle and become a ultimate superhero fighter of the Vegas.


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