Apes Survival 3D

Apes survival 3d is adventure game where you will face multiple battles as an angry ape in huge open jungle and city. Survival is pretty hard task here. Play classic battle simulator ape hero escape safely in heroes survival from armed forces & use shooting skills and other apes fighting to survive in 3d city. Life of angry apes jungle survival is about fight aggressively against the cops in wild apes battle game. Kill the police and city people steal their weapons find your way through forest. As a Heroes survival Apes find your living cave hunt down and attack brutally whether people or animals for your hunger. Kill & run fast in the forest by making a super hit jungle adventure story games. Start city battle for freedom and fight like an apes hero with our latest game about life of wild apes. Apes Survival 3D has non-stop shooting and fighting actions in it.

This epic ape story is started from when an angry gorilla is taking down the army forces and city people for revenge. Life of apes city survival has multiple combat missions with gun shooting and punch, kick fighting action. Break the jail, escape from the prisoner, shoot the special armed forces and fight with special city forces whose are ready to attack you. With apes risen game, wild jungle hunter are roaming freely in the tropical rain forest and are in hunt. With the rise of the mighty planet of the wild apes game you will rise like a hero.

Apes survival 3d game is about the thrill and adventure! mighty apes are in the jail and because of this they got angry on wild hunter and armed police forces. Kill the guard and release yourself for the ultimate rampage and revenge. Apes fight with human and escape from the prison. All killer apes escape from the jail and steal the weapons for their freedom and apes revenge. An extreme jungle adventure is here for you! implement all possible and fighting skills to successfully escape and rise like a wild gorilla.

Features of Apes Jungle Survival:

• Adventurous gameplay & intense battle missions.
• Save fellow chimps & fight like an ape hero.
• Steal the classic weapons of armed forces - Fight & shoot enemies.
• Revolution in the jungle with apes war.
• Shoot & hunt for food in open world jungle & city environment.

Your adventure and fight missions are about to begin. Make a ape superhero escape story with your fighter skills to explore the city wilderness carefully and rise. Ape hero escape has brutal battle and ape revenge missions. Play and complete all ape fight quest in this Apes Survival 3D.

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