Ant Hero Battle: Big to Micro Transform

Transform big to small micro battle with your Ant Hero is amazing idea in superhero city battle games. You Ant superhero has the ability to micro transformation with ultimate quick expansion for the game enthusiasts in the huge arena of survival games. Complete the rescue games missions with incredible transformation of superhero games where you ant hero is ready for attack and fight against the law offenders of the crime city. Ant hero future battle has breathtaking environment where your flying ant hero has abilities of micro transformation with big to small micro battle twist. This ant hero battle has multiple survival and attack missions against the mafia, thugs and supervillains. So be ready to play summit of bewildering tricks and crazy assaulting of super hero games with our Ant Hero Battle: Big to Micro Transform.

Ant hero battle with micro transformation and addition of ant superhero fidget spinner updated will be added soon. Take ant hero and fight with the players of gangsters and thugs who are utilizing strange powers and are causing an chaos and havoc inside the city. Ant Hero Battle: Big to Micro Transform with thrilling, action and fun gameplay, where you will play as ant hero and fight with dangerous rivals who are trying to destroy the peace of grand city. The fictional hero, you are utilizing the missions of multi task as it can battle and assault at the ground as a small ant using martial arts like karate, punch, ninja and kick.

So it’s time to become a small ant hero best attack and fighting skills. Start transform big to small micro battle with your ant hero. This is your supernatural ability to transform big ant hero to small as well as small ant superhero to big flying ant hero to kill the dangerous enemies which destroy the crime city. The ant hero has been creatively planned and adapted with high speed little ammo of fidget spinners. In this ant war game, you will play as a hero that is changed into big and small structure and fight against the gangsters and mafia in ant hero micro battle.

Features of Flying Ant Avenger Hero:

- Ant hero city battle with transformation of micro small ant hero to big ant hero.
- Special attacks of fidget spinner ant superhero will come in next update.
- New superhero introduced with multiple street fights actions.
- Surprise attack of punch & kick with perfect killing of enemies.
- Stunning HD gameplay with amazing 3D Flying Ant Hero Future Battle animations.
- Realistic big to small micro battle environment with ant hero transform.

So the big to micro transformation battle has just started with your super ant hero. This is combination of superhero games in which you crush the mafia, street mobsters and gangsters for the peace like an ant fighter. Play as a little creature and start the micro battle and also a big war by your transformation. Download for the ultimate action and non-stop fighting in our Ant Hero Battle: Big to Micro Transform.


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Oct 21, 2017

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